Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowballs INSIDE your Winter Wedding?

Carnations get a bad wrap!

Whenever I ask a bride "what flowers do you LOVE & what flowers do you HATE"

....most are eager to say "NO CARNATIONS"!

So I'm here to say that carnations are actually
a wonderfully, beautiful and very cost effective flower!
Especially when you use them by themselves and in abundance!
For winter parties I love to use them to make "flower snowballs".

Sprinkle some fake snow - or fill containers
and then make the carnation snowballs in all different sizes
and pile them all over the place
just like you would real snowballs!

Very cute and very unexpected.
Your guests will ooh and ahhh at your unbelievable creativity!

*Projecting a fireplace video is also a great way to create a cozy atmosphere
no matter what kind of party you're throwing!

Cheers to getting married in NYC!

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