Saturday, December 26, 2009

Congratulations on your Engagement!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowballs INSIDE your Winter Wedding?

Carnations get a bad wrap!

Whenever I ask a bride "what flowers do you LOVE & what flowers do you HATE"

....most are eager to say "NO CARNATIONS"!

So I'm here to say that carnations are actually
a wonderfully, beautiful and very cost effective flower!
Especially when you use them by themselves and in abundance!
For winter parties I love to use them to make "flower snowballs".

Sprinkle some fake snow - or fill containers
and then make the carnation snowballs in all different sizes
and pile them all over the place
just like you would real snowballs!

Very cute and very unexpected.
Your guests will ooh and ahhh at your unbelievable creativity!

*Projecting a fireplace video is also a great way to create a cozy atmosphere
no matter what kind of party you're throwing!

Cheers to getting married in NYC!

Monday, December 7, 2009


9AM -5PM
481 8TH AVE
WHO doesn't love a sample sale!
One of a kind samples and 25-75% off!
I know this is exciting but Brides...
PLEASE be kind to each other! LOL
You only need one gown (OK maybe two!) So be nice and share
Cheers to getting married in NYC!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Wedding Wonderland in NYC

Winter Weddings have always had a magical mystic to me.
I'll admit that I'm always slightly impressed when I sit down with a bride and she tells me she wants to have a Winter Wedding. It's living life a little on the edge...knowing somewhere inside that the weather 'could' literally make the event not happen. BUT I completely understand why they take the risk! Because when you step back and look at it, Winter is a truly beautiful, magical and romantic season. From the white piles of snow, to the ever changing snowflakes, to ice, furry things and get the picture. Design inspirations are abound!
All of these elements were inspirations we used in this
Winter Weddingat one of my favorite venues Angel Orensanz.
(and all things that you can adapt into your own wedding)
We brought in iron gates which created a dramatic entryway for
the Brides arrival into the ceremony.
Hundred of hanging votive candles & icy blue lighting created the ambiance and feel of being outdoors
looking up at the twinkling nighttime stars.
*And if you look closely towards the chuppah
you'll see that its snowing inside!
(we had snow machines on the balcony creating a light dusting of snow over the entire ceremony
- a little splurge well worth the wow factor!)
Breathtaking dress with platinum detailing (that looked like delicate snowflakes) by Reem Acra
The couples elegant silhouette was incorporated into a cameo that we used on the ketubah and the cake (cake by the very talented Cheryl Kleinman)

We incorporated ice into the bars, buffet areas and vases to create unexpected surfaces and containers, while chairs and seating area had fur pillows and throws to balance the ambiance.

Lambs ears are a fun (and fuzzy) element to add to all white flowers in frosted ice vases.

While the couple had a beautiful cake to cut, they also loved cotton candy

which they shared with (themselves) and all the guests

*a note from me to you!*- Remember do whatever is YOU!

There are no rules to wedding decor...

just what is beautiful, chic and makes you happy!

Cheers to getting married in NYC!

Photos by the lovely and talented Sharon Schuster
Planning & Design by Swank Productions