Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't Wait On Your Wedding Album

Last week I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary.
10 Years! Wow...to be honest it still kind of blows my mind. How could 10 years have gone by already? Seriously 10 YEARS!

So when a milestone like this happens in your life (and you happen to be a wedding planner!) people tend to eagerly ask you about 'your' wedding. "What was it like?" "What was the decor like?" "Can I see your wedding album?"

And that's when the embarrassing truth comes out. Believe it or not I never had a wedding album made.

Whew...that was cathartic. I feel like I just let out some horrible wedding planner secret! Whew! I really do feel better! (lol)

Yes, even though I pined over every single detail of my wedding planning. And even though I loved my photos immensely! After the wedding I sorted the photos, put a pile together of my absolute favorites, made a few wallets and a few large prints for key family members and friends, and embarrassingly enough the rest of the photos are sitting in a beautiful box in my closet.

I kept telling myself "you really need to have a wedding album made!" "You're a wedding planner for g-d's sake!" But work (and planning other peoples weddings!) kept derailing my plans. Eventually I just resigned myself to the fact that it probably wasn't going to get done. Every, once in a while someone would beg to see the photos, so I'd riffle through the box pulling out some of my favorite shots (cursing the fact that I still hadn't made album), and then they'd go right back in the box.

So last week when a colleague of mine told me about her new venture
The Album Boutique , my ears perked right up! My anniversary had just passed and I knew this had to be a sign that it was time to finally make my wedding album! No more excuses and I was actually really excited! FINALLY, I was going to have one of those cool coffee table books (that all my clients have), but this time it'll be of 'my' wedding!

The Album Boutique is a really great site where you can go and easily create beautiful, high style, high quality, photo albums. And in my case (finally) my wedding album!
The site is super easy to use. They've got a bunch of really hot styles and great design layouts (just like the ones your friends got from the pro's). And (knowing what the prices of this type of album would normally be)the price is pretty amazing!

So while I was putting my wedding album together, I realized how many other cools ways you could use this site.

An engagement album is a great gift to give to your mate for the holidays or maybe a boudoir album (wink, wink). And if you want to give a really thoughtful bridal party gift, why not make a flip book or a coffee table album of photos of you guys together through the years. The possibilities are endless.

So I guess here's' my point. Don't do what I did and let your photos sit in a box or on a disk somewhere in a drawer. Make an album so you can share it! It's so easy and so worth it. And... because I really want you to see how cool it is (and I don't want you to wait until your 10 year wedding anniversary like I did), you can use my discount code for the upcoming week to get an extra 20% off the price! Just use the code: SWANK when checking out and enjoy!

~Cheers to getting married in NYC
photo by Jeff Vock

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  1. Congratulations on Ten Years! Just like yours, my wedding pictures from 2001 are still sorted nicely in a box in the closet. I, too, planned every detail to the nth degree and spent hours ordering just the right pictures for every family member. I even made books for family members of the perfect candid shot so they would remember that special moment of theirs from the day. I've been working with Elizabeth over the past several months and as we've been in deep discussions about her product, I've thoroughly enjoyed thinking about my own wedding again. What I've realized is that after the wedding, some of us might make the photo experience about everybody else as we buy gifts for them to show our appreciation for helping make our day special. It's only natural that our albums take a back stage to that process. Elizabeth has introduced a product that makes it easy for us "givers" to have an opportunity to hand off the process for creating something for ourselves. How terrific is that?!?!?

    Great post!! I bet you are an amazing wedding planner! Your enthusiasm for weddings shines through in your writing!

    Happy December Weddings! ;-)